Episode 9

The Heart of Chaos

Published on: 28th November, 2021

The Heart of Chaos – Interview with Don and Hutch

About the Episode:

Calming the Chaos welcomes Don MacKee and Ian Hutchinson (“Don and Hutch”), who are best mates who live in Australia. They share their story of how they were both thrown into a “do or die” situation a couple of years ago, which caused them both some chaos.

While they were on a bike ride, Hutch went into sudden cardiac arrest, and died for 18 minutes.

Fortunately, Don and some bystanders were able to perform CPR and mouth to mouth resuscitation for 10 minutes until the medics came, and Hutch was one of the 9% of people who survive cardiac arrest in Australia.

Don and Hutch are now the founders of “CPRfriendly.org” which aims to save lives by helping anyone get CPR friendly in just minutes, in a light and fun way.

On this podcast, Don and Hutch share their story of chaos, and some of their “lessons learnt after being dead.” Join us for a fun interview on a very serious topic of chaos!

1. Introduction to Don and Hutch

a. Friends for 25 years

b. On a bike ride one Tuesday, and Hutch had Cardiac Arrest

i. “Donny jumped in like a Superman”

ii. A Green corridor wasn’t given

iii. Clinically dead for 18 minutes

iv. Now a new cable into Hutch’s heart

2. The 911 call

a. Is he conscious?

b. Is he breathing?

c. Is there a defibrillator?

d. “I’ll help you do CPR”

e. The 000 (or 911) operator was so helpful!

f. Don did the mouth to mouth…garlic bread breath?

i. TIP: Always have Breath Mints available!

3. What happened

a. Hutch went into a coma

b. He was in a 20-second loop “Like a Goldfish” – The Goldfish loop

c. Don was in chaos from the moment Hutch had cardiac arrest, and until he knew that Hutch would be okay. What a great friend!

d. Hutch survived, and the two of them created CPR-Friendly, to help people learn CPR in minutes…for FREE!

e. “Any attempt is better than none at all”

4. Questions for Don and Hutch

a. Hutch: What was it like to die? “I didn’t remember a thing,” “I wanted to avoid the hot place.”

b. Don: How did you stay calm in this crisis/chaos? (or did you?) Hutch yelled out Don’s name, and Don responded

c. What is the difference between a heart attack and cardiac arrest?

i. A Heart Attack is a “plumbing issue” where the heart doesn’t flow well

ii. Cardiac Arrest is an “electrical issue” where the heart can’t get a good rhythm

iii. Because of the “electrical issue” with cardiac arrest, a defibrillator is a good tool to have on board. “It’s like your own coach in a box!”

iv. Perhaps try and host your own CPR Friendly gathering

v. Consider getting a defibrillator – “The Wiggles”

vi. Any attempt is better than none!

d. Can a dog do CPR?

5. Products and services you have to offer:

a. Free Webinars that are fun and informative that help you become CPR Friendly in minutes! Visit www.cprfriendly.org

b. New Defibrillators.

c. “If we can save one life, it’s amazing!”

d. Thank you, Don, for helping Hutch to be here today!

6. Contact Information and Social Media Links

a. Website: www.CPRfriendly.org

b. Email: info@CPRfriendly.org

c. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CPRfriendly.org/

d. YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ_Rx6yFTy0S3iBxZcJSB-Q/videos

YouTube Video #1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TwDStxynO0&t=12s

YouTube Video #2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5kiBzXsim4

Email Calming the Chaos at Calmingthec@gmail.com

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