Episode 10

The Chaos of Parenting

Published on: 8th December, 2021

The Chaos of Parenting – Interview with Dr. Robert Saul

Dr. Robert Saul is a Medical Doctor / Pediatrician, Author and Speaker. He has been guiding the physical, behavioral and mental care of children for over 44 years. His area of expertise is in parenting, specifically in providing help for parents in raising their children to be good citizens, after the Columbine High School Shooting in 1999.

Dr. Saul wants to improve our communities, and advocate for our children.

Dr. Saul is the author of many books on children and parenting, including “My Children’s Children: Raising Young Citizens in the Age of Columbine,” and “Conscious Parenting.”

In this podcast. Dr. Saul talks about the main issues that cause chaos in parents today. He also offers his thoughts in light of the most recent Oxford High School shootings in Michigan.

Through the wisdom of his education, training and experience as a Pediatrician, Dr. Saul provides some insights, tips, tools and techniques that parents and others can use to calm their chaos while working to improve communities by raising good citizens.

1. Introduction to Dr. Saul

a. Background and his interest in Pediatrics

b. His body of work, including activism and authorship of several books

c. You are fond of saying 12 words: “I am the problem, I am the solution, I am the resource.” Tell us why this phrase is so meaningful to you

d. His continued involvement in communities although he is retired

2. Five Steps to Community Improvement

a. Learn to be the best parent you can be

b. Get Involved

c. Stay Involved

d. Love for Others

e. Forgiveness

3. Book: “My Children’s Children: Raising Good Citizens in the Age of Columbine” (2013)

4. Connecting with kids today

a. American Academy of Pediatrics

b. Advocating for children

c. Social Media and Parental involvement

d. Parental Awareness Threshold

5. The Parents of the Oxford High School Shooter

a. Were they aware of the warning signs?

b. What could be the reason for parents to buy a 15-year old child a 9 mm assault weapon, when he clearly had mental health issues?

6. What does it mean to “raise our children to be good citizens?”

a. What do you think are the main issues today that cause chaos in parents?

b. You have written several books. Where would you suggest that parents start?

i. “Conscious Parenting”

ii. Parental Awareness Threshold

iii. Five Steps to Community Improvement

c. How open are parents to learning new ways to parent their children?

7. How might you apply the Parental Awareness Threshold to the parents of the Oxford High School shooter?

a. The Parental Awareness Threshold is about Positive Actions Going forward

b. “I see no positive actions in buying a 15 year old a gun”

c. These parents are certainly in the cellar in the Parental Awareness Threshold

8. How might you expand on the idea of forgiveness in light of all of the High School shootings, and in particular the most recent shooting at Oxford High School?

a. “It’s very difficult in this circumstance to forgive the child and the parents.”

b. We have to forgive ourselves for being able to not forgive them

9. Final thoughts from Dr. Saul about High School Shootings

Not long after the release of his first book, inspired by the Columbine shootings, the Sandy Hook shootings happened. “I was just numb,” says Dr. Saul. “I just couldn’t.”

“Unfortunately, I’ve become numb to all of the subsequent shootings.”

Through this phone call, Dr. Saul realized that each high school shooting is unique… and…all should ignite us in some way toward some sort of action.

“Maybe I’ve got to stop being so blasé about all the shootings, and re-ignite myself and my efforts.”

10. Products and services you have to offer:

a. Website: www.mychildrenschildren.com

b. Links to books and other written materials

i. https://mychildrenschildren.com/book/my-childrens-children/

ii. https://mychildrenschildren.com/book/all-about-children/

iii. https://mychildrenschildren.com/book/thinking-developmentally-nurturing-wellness-in-childhood-to-promote-lifelong-health/

iv. https://mychildrenschildren.com/book/conscious-parenting-using-the-parental-awareness-threshold/.

v. A Great interview with Dr. Saul at https://www.wyff4.com/article/pediatric-doctor-talks-about-importance-of-parenting-environment-on-child-health/27141728#

c. Social Media Links

a. Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/mychildrenschildren; http://www.facebook.com/allaboutchildren2017; http://www.facebook.com/consciousparentingPAT

b. Twitter – www.twitter.com/@saul1robert

c. LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/in/robertasaul

d. Instagram – www.instagram.com/rsaul

e. YouTube – www.youtube.com/robertsaulmd

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