Episode 7

Why Does Mindfulness Work, Anyway?

Published on: 4th December, 2022

Use Mindfulness to Calm your Chaos - Interview with Dr. Vic Manzo

Are you interested in how to stay calm when life throws your curveballs….or hurricanes? If so, join us for a talk with Dr. Vic Manzo, who is a Spiritual / Business Mindset Coach, Pediatric Chiropractor, Podcaster and Author.

Dr. Vic has learned how to rebalance his emotions, shift his mindset and manage the chaos in his life by utilizing a variety of mindfulness practices. Listen as Dr. Vic shares his story, and tells us from a neuroscience perspective how practicing mindfulness regularly can help keep you calm during moments of chaos.

I. Intro – Tell us about yourself and how you got started doing the work you do.

a. Energy healing, Quantum Physics, Ancient Wisdom and Chiropractic

b. Mindfulness and WHY does it help

II. Tell us in more detail how you began studying mindfulness

III. Describe how mindfulness works in the physiological brain and body from a Neuroscience perspective

IV. Can you share with us some mindfulness practices we can start doing to help calm our minds?

a. Also, how do these specific mindfulness practices work in the body’s physiology from a Neuroscience perspective

V. Do you have any words of inspiration for those who may be hesitant to start doing mindfulness practices?

VI. Tour of Dr. Vic’s website at www.EmpowerYourReality.com

VII. Products and Services Dr. Vic has to offer

a. Sign up for a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call or download the first chapter of my new book for Free


b. Podcast: www.TheMindfulExperiment.com

VIII. Social Media Links:

a. Facebook: www.Facebook.com/drvicmanzo

b. Instagram: www.Instagram.com/drvicmanzo

c. TikTok: www.TikTok.com/@drvicmanzo

d. LinkedIn: www.LinkedIn.com/in/drmanzo


Notable Timestamps:

2:39 Dr. Vic Intro:

4:43 Intro to Mindfulness and what it is

9:47 Tracy Gets frustrated

11:20 From a Neurological perspective, here’s how Mindfulness can help

12:28 The Amygdala

15:47: What the brain does when you practice Mindfulness

Shrinking the pathway to the Amygdala

Widening the path to the Pre-frontal Cortex

If people are resistant to doing mindfulness:

18:00 Practice Mindfulness doing what you normally do each day

18:48: What do we have to do? Think of that. Then….do it mindfully!

10 long, slow deep breaths to re-set the nervous system

Set an alarm for 5 times per day to take these 10 deep breaths

In through the nose, out through the mouth

20:38 Eating Mindfully – Dr. Vic has difficulty doing it but he is trying!

22:51: Dr. Vic: “How much in our lives are we missing because we’re not being mindful?”

24:22: When people with ADHD think “Mindfulness will not work for me”

25:51: Meditation takes it to another level, and the blessings of ADHD

26:41: Tracy’s “Bulls and Butterflies” analogy of sensitivity and ADHD

29:49: Dr. Vic cracks the code with his Matrix book and the collective consciousness

Dr. Vic Narrates his own books! Some of them are free with an Audible Trial

34:05: Dr. Vic quotes the Dalai Lama on meditation

37:00 Dr. Vic’s 2 podcasts

38:45 Dr. Vic explains his “quizzical look” on his website

39:44 Dr. Vic offers a free 30 minute consult

40:00 Dr. Vic’s wife and his dog

42:35 Be patient with mindfulness….it’s a practice. “Show up, even when you don’t want to”

It will help you in so many ways….just try it!

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