Episode 4

Positivity Over Chaos

Published on: 12th July, 2020

Episode Title: “Positivity over Chaos” Interview with Lisa Mustard, LMFT of “The Therapy Show”

Intro: Tracy Kenela is the founder of Lokahi Counseling and Calming the Chaos Podcast. In this episode, Tracy interviews Lisa Mustard, who is a Therapist in South Carolina, is also a Podcaster, Pod-Course Developer, Activewear Brand Representative, Wife and Mother. Lisa tells the audience about what she is doing in her life, how she prevents burnout with all she is doing, and how she keeps herself positive even though chaotic moments!


  1. How does a person who is trying to spread positivity and help calm the chaos that sometimes happens throughout life?
    1. “Let’s get the facts before we let our irrational thoughts take us down the path of anxiety.”
  1. Ask yourself, “Where’s the truth in all this?”
  2. Research and look for the information and educate yourself
  • Ask yourself, “What are the odds, probabilities and statistics?”
  1. Critically think on your own
  2. Try to stop watching the news
  3. Think about what you DO want to focus on, and how you will use your time
  1. Not necessarily producing
  2. Focusing on mindfulness and being present
  • Each day is different: “I want to be mindful of what the needs are.”
  1. Identify values and priorities: Lisa’s is Family Focused First
  2. Re-aligning daily and hourly with your values
  1. Stop…take a deep breath, think critically and act rationally


  1. Other tips to Calm the Chaos and Stay Positive (and avoid “Burnout”)
    1. Saying “No” to things that don’t align with your end goals or values
  1. Burnout can happen if you say “Yes” to things that your system can’t handle
  2. Burnout can happen if you say “Yes” to things that don’t align with your values
  • Knowing when to help, refer, or give resources
  1. Saying “Yes” to things in your life that are fulfilling (when you are a Parent)
  1. What helps you have fun and brings joy to your life (“what fills YOUR cup?”)
    1. Listening to podcasts
    2. Listening to music I want to listen to (not stuff my kids want to listen to)
    3. Body movement
    4. Getting good rest
    5. Hanging out with Husband – Quality Time and Standup Comedy
    6. Being consistent with doing the things
    7. Finding time to do these things


  1. How do you make the time to “fill your cup” and prevent burnout when you are a Mom?
    1. Knowing how to say “No” to things that don’t serve you (and decrease energy)
    2. Setting the intention to say “Yes” to things that do serve you (and increase energy)
    3. Getting creative about how to consistently do things in your life that bring you joy!
    4. Validating that it’s difficult to get things done for yourself when you have kids
    5. You just manage it as well as you can
    6. Getting support and resources for help!


  1. Any words of encouragement for Moms who have small children?
    1. Acknowledge your frustration
    2. Validate your emotions
    3. “This too shall pass”
    4. Talk yourself down from the chaos of your mind
    5. Encourage yourself through it: “I will get out of this some day!”
    6. Work with kids within each age and stage
    7. Consider going to therapy!


  1. Conclusion:
    1. Visit Lisa’s website at lisamustard.com
    2. Join Lisa’s Facebook Group “The Talk Therapist’s Lounge”
    3. It’s time that we Therapists provide help beyond the therapy office
    4. Lisa helps counselors help people! (So what comes around…goes around!)
    5. Therapists can use “The Three Es” which are “Educate, Empower, Entertain.”
    6. It’s Easier than you think!
    7. Thank you so much Lisa for joining us on Calming the Chaos!



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