Episode 7

Out of Chaos - And Into Your Potential with Robert Kittridge

Published on: 8th November, 2021

Out of Chaos and Into Your Potential - Interview with Robert Kittridge, Mentor, Speaker, Coach

Calming the Chaos welcomes Robert Kittridge, who describes how he uses his training in Human Design to help people recognize and overcome any fear-based conditioning that can happen through their lives and cause them to experience internal chaos. Robert also describes a process by which people can use Human Design principles to help people become grounded in their true selves, realize their true potential, and remain calm under any chaotic situations.  

1.     Introduction to Robert - Your story, and what led you to be where you are now  


"My journey started in the back of a police car in Boulder, Colorado”                                             

  • This incident helped him to get him to think, “How can I be just a little bit better?” and “How can I get my team to work together better?”
  • What do you do to help people with the Human Design?


i.     Human Design was introduced to Robert a couple of years ago. “It blew me away. It answered so many questions I had about myself and my life.”


ii.     Robert learned that all the answers to his questions were within him all the time


iii.     Robert believes that when you know your own unique Human Design, it is an excellent way to calm your chaos

What is Human Design?


A modality that encompasses I Ching, chakras, Kabbalah, Astrology, Vedic Philosophy.

“It is our God’s DNA” or “Roadmap.” Human Design tells us what our own unique roadmap is. It helps you know your Possibility, Purpose, Potential."

Human Design helps you reach fullest potential beyond the conditioning

Robert’s Human Design has helped him understand how to calm the chaos of decision-making, learning and future direction in life.

We’re meant to stand out….not fit in!

We’re designed with an “Inner Authority,” that we use to live our lives. However, the world forces us to h learning through the “Outer Authority” of school, teaching “I believe in a world where people can make choices and decisions in line with their designs, free from the “shoulds” of life.

Examples of how we can use Human Design principles to help us stay calm during chaos:

Educational chaos: what if your child’s design isn’t supportive of the traditional school systems? As a parent:                                                         

i.     Figure out your child’s design…and YOUR design


ii.     Commit to bring your child up according to their unique design, and their style


iii.     “The Owner’s Manual” to you and your child

Who do you attract in your practice?

Robert is a Generator - attracts Projectors, who are waking up and have no idea what to do. Quite a few are age 50-60s, but some younger people in their 30s.                                                     

i.     Generators are meant to build and work. 70% of the world are Generators


ii.     Projectors – Designed to guide (20% of the world)


iii.     Manifestors –Designed to build a team so that their ideas can be put into play


iv.     Reflectors –Needs an entire lunar cycle (30 days) in order to make a choice or decision that is correct for them. They are the evaluators, and see what others can’t.

Robert reads Tracy’s Human Design

Tracy’s Design: is a 3-5 profile, which is all about learning through experimentation, trial and error… as opposed to what society teaches, which is to succeed…or fail.

“People are afraid to fail, but Tracy’s design is to try and learn through trial and error. Then, through her learnings, bringing that out to help others change

Tracy is working right in alignment to her design

The Heretic: “Tracy is either a savior…or Crucified.”                                                              

i.     Tracy just needs to learn when to share and when to do what I feel I need to do!


ii.     Tracy can try new things on, figure out what can be learned through trial and error


iii.     Tracy is designed to try new things and that will sometimes fail! And when she understands this and moves beyond the societal beliefs that she must succeed, she will learn and she will succeed!


iv.     Tracy feels pressure to do things, achieve. But 70% of Tracy’s Design is about caring / nourishing others and a lot of intuition. And so, choosing to refuse the pressure, and not to “constantly do something,” is within her design.


v.     Tracy isn’t designed to be certain! (That fits with her being a counselor, because counselors don’t give advice)

Fear-Based Conditioning, Awareness, and following your own Inner Authority

What the world tells you to be afraid of

You don’t need to know where it comes from to have it!

Example: A client of Roberts who didn’t want to wear a dress due to being laughed at in school when she wore a dress. She is now able to discern the fear-based conditioning and transcend to her own “Inner Authority”

How these principles can help people moving out of the Pandemic chaos

Robert believes COVID was given to us to show us something. For him, it taught him to be still, and learn about his own unique design

If we can work in alignment to our Design and calm our internal chaos, we can calm the chaos of the world

We are in a “right– wrong” judgement society. Learn how to suspend right and wrong, learn to think of things as “helpful” or “not helpful” or “effective” or “ineffective”

How can Robert help you? (products and services he has to offer)



Get a complimentary discovery session like Tracy did – Robert can do your Design!

You are a “once in a lifetime cosmic event” according to Robert

Live your Uniqueness!

Get a roadmap before you get in the car and drive to your destination

Respect your own Human Design…and the unique Designs of others!

When people have dreams, but don’t know how to get there, “Your door may be blocked!”

If you are not living in alignment to your potential, your door is blocked! (perhaps by resentment, bitterness, anger, frustration

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