Episode 9

Kids in Emotional Chaos - Interview with Dr. Dang

Published on: 23rd January, 2023

Kids and Emotional Chaos - Interview with Dr. Nghi Dang

Are you concerned about children and their mental health? Do you wonder how you might talk to your children, or children around you about mental health issues and challenges they might be having?

If so, Dr. Nhgi Dang has some valuable information for you!

As a Family Practice Physician, Dr. Dang has seen more and more visits related to mental health during his 10 years of practice. Because of this and his love for his own two children, he was motivated to do something to help educate children and help start a dialogue between parents and children about mental health:

Dr. Dang wrote a series of short stories that will help highlight mental health issues in children.

In this podcast interview, we will talk about the many issues that are affecting the mental health of children today, especially as we continue to move through a global pandemic. We will also discuss some of the ways that parents and kids can talk about these issues and work together to calm their mental and emotional chaos.

I. Intro – Tell us about yourself personally and professionally, including how you got started doing the work you do.

I was born in Vietnam but grew up in Southern California. Our family moved to the states when I was 7 years old. As an immigrant, I shared the same struggles as many other immigrants with adjusting to a new norm and dealing with bullying, discrimination, and constantly having to self-validate while fighting off depression. Having been in practice for over 10 years as a Family Physician, I have realized that my struggles are shared by many of my patients.

II. Tell us in more detail how you became interested in mental health issues in children

III. Describe some of the mental health issues that are concerning to children today (tour of the website and books)

a. Bullying

b. Learning Disabilities

c. Making Friends

d. Academic success / pressure / competition

e. Stage Fright / panic / performance anxiety

f. Divorce

g. Arguments with parents about friends and sneaking out, getting caught

h. Online games and new online friends

i. Illness and death of a loved one

IV. What sorts of tips and tools in general do you have for kids and parents when a kid is experiencing a mental health issue?

V. Social Media Links and any Products and Services Dr. Dang has to offer


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