Episode 1

Find True Love with Paul Zolman

Published on: 18th September, 2023


• Paul Zolman introduction

• Briefly discuss the problem of anger – why are we so angry?

• Why is managing your anger important?

The Root Causes of Anger

• Why does anger show up? (Tracy explains)

• Is anger a “bad” emotion? (Tracy and Paul weigh in)

• Anger can be passed down from generations (Paul’s story)

How Anger Impacts Relationships

• Share examples and anecdotes of how anger has negatively affected your relationships (Paul)

Paul’s Technique: Ditch the Anger and Find True Love

Step 1: Intentionally practice a love language every day for 30 days using the die and the Love Language journal

Step 2: Read the Love Language Book and become a Love Language Linguist

Step 3: See what happens to your anger after 30 days

It really is that simple!


#relationship #love #selfimprovement

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